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The Pedorthic Foundation has been issuing research grants for over 35 years for projects and studies relating to the field of pedorthics, orthotics and biomechanics. Our goal is to demonstrate the efficacy of pedorthic and orthotic treatment and their contribution to healthy lifestyles.

There are two (2) current projects:

California State University, Sacremento

California State University, Sacremento

In 2019 the Foundation received a final report from CSU Sacramento, CA. The Foundation provided a grant for work on “Development of In-Shoe Monitor of Patient Compliance and Activity for Therapeutic Footwear”. (This project had previously been funded by the Pedorthic Footcare Association). Lead investigator Dr. Warren Smith is scheduled to present his team’s work at the upcoming Academy (AAOP) meeting in Chicago in March 2020. They plan to continue working on this project.


Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine

In 2018 funding was approved for a project at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX: “An Evaluation of the Use of Custom Foot Orthotics and UCBL’s on Gait Parameters and Postural Profiles in Adults”. This proposal was submitted as a two-year study and the research committee has approved the second half of the funding. Baylor is continuing with the work. They are also preparing to present preliminary results at the Pedorthic program of the 2020 AAOP meeting in Chicago.


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The field of pedorthics (peh-DOR-thiks) began to emerge during the 1950s, as doctors and researchers sought ways to help military veterans and polio patients regain as much mobility as possible.

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